The Fun Lace Fabric and Accessory Trend for Women's Underwear

Author:Tom 2020-11-19

lace fabric


Exquisite lace attracts many ladies. It represents fine handicrafts, seduction and romance, thanks to its layered and complicated appearance. Lace aesthetics features sheer materials and 3D patterns. It has graceful designs and unique crafts. With refined treatments, patterns are slightly embossed, revealing female understated sexiness.


Lace fabric


Romantic and sweet heart patterns appear on lightweight lace. Heart patterns work with colors for elegant underwear, or with varied patterns for sexy underwear.


Romantic Hearts


Exquisite embroidery presents marine animals, plants and colors on underwear. The swimming jellyfish enlivens the item, and colorful plant patterns make a lavish visual effect.


The Underwater World


Butterfly elements are often used in ready-to-wear. Butterfly or bowknots decorate lace underwear, enhance the elegant and romantic vibe and make a lively visual effect.




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