The frigidity of the micro-pastoral trend is rising and the utopian romance heals the soul from trauma

Author:Tom 2021-01-19

When the coldness and coolness conveyed by the frigid wind was in the limelight in modern society, the sudden new crown epidemic broke this trend, and the frigidity gradually began to focus on the lifestyle represented by the cottagecore with a light style. Romantic pastoral fashion transformation. Cottagecore's lifestyle provides modern people who have been bombarded with negative news and fake news with utopian comfort from reality.


After several years of the Me Too movement, neutral suits, clean lines and minimalist expressions in details, coupled with the wide tailoring of feminine symbols, are the sexual indifference coincides with the ideal color of women's empowerment in the Me Too era. And this cold wind that can be classified as a Nordic fashion trend is not only reflected in the fashion trend of cool colors, but also changed the trend of home decoration. The tough lines and low-saturation colors have gradually gained worldwide popularity.


When the coldness and coolness conveyed by the frigid winds are gaining popularity in modern society, the sudden new crown epidemic broke this trend, and the frigidity gradually began to focus on the lifestyle represented by Cottagecore (pastoral style). A light and romantic pastoral fashion transformation.


Epidemic-oriented, pastoral style returns to public view.


If you are careful enough, you will find that there are a few key words in recent fashion trends: gentle, fresh, natural, warm ect..


Practice has proved that different social emotions can trigger overall changes in all aspects, including the fashion industry, and color psychology believes that human emotions and the colors they see have an interactive effect. The epidemic has caused the entire social industry to fall into an unprecedented freezing period. At this time, the fashion industry continues the originally popular cold-toned clothing, which is obviously a counter-trend behavior that worsens the situation. Therefore, we can clearly see that the hot colors in recent months have almost It is fully occupied by warm colors that include earth tones. These warm colors can cure people's panic mentally.


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In the unprecedented public health security incident of the new crown epidemic, the relationship between people has become closer. Countless people lost their lives in this disaster, which makes the living become more cherish the relationship with their relatives and friends. The common enemy, the new crown virus, has gradually changed the living habits of modern society that are thousands of miles away. People have begun to care more about their living environment and realize the importance of interacting with others. Long-term home isolation has given us enough time to think about the relationship between man and man and between man and nature. Under such a background, the Cottagecore rural style reappearing in the public eye is the good medicine that best fits the social psychology.


Where does utopian romance come from?


Cottagecore originally means farmhouse, which is composed of cottage and core. It is a fairy-tale lifestyle with a surreal atmosphere. Its keywords include picnic, baking, farming, flower arrangement, pottery, embroidery, etc. to show the natural and comfortable countryside. The sentimental scene and the nostalgia for world peace have gradually extended to become synonymous with pastoral style in modern society. Picking up the chrysanthemum and seeing Nanshan leisurely, Cottagecore's lifestyle provides modern people who have been bombarded by negative news and fake news with utopian comfort from reality.


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As a fashion subculture, Urban Dictionary interprets Cottagecore as the niche aesthetics of visual culture based on the ideal life of western farms, and Cottagecore Fashion was originally based on rural style clothing. In the middle of the 18th century, the fashion industry appeared strongly criticizing the two artistic styles of Baroque and Rococo, which restrained women's bodies. They sought to restore the sense of dignity and tranquility pursued by ancient Greece and Rome, while incorporating rationalist aesthetics into them. This artistic style that emphasizes nature, elegance and restraint combined with ancient Greek and Roman clothing themes, after the French Revolution, it became a representative of women's clothing styles. In the history of clothing, it is called a neoclassical style, that is, rural and rural style. origin. By the mid-nineteenth century, British clothing called the pre-Raphael art style appeared again, and its main pursuit was a natural but romantic style of clothing.


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The neoclassical style and the pre-Raphael art style have gradually been merged into a rustic style that emphasizes elegance, simplicity, freshness and romance in modern times. This style is mostly based on floral, plaid and earth tones. Complete with matching, trying to return to a natural and pure lifestyle.


















The most eye-catching brand in this pastoral return to style is the handmade clothing brand Rodarte hosted by sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy. Rodarte, who started with sewing hand-made lace skirts, was originally a loyal supporter of the pastoral style. When he had to be isolated at home because of the epidemic, Rodarte used his iconic style to calm the world's nervous mood.


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In their 2021 spring and summer clothing series, a set of retro designs full of natural flowers is very eye-catching: the model is wearing a garment made of tulle, silk, cotton and other materials, printed with floral, plaid and polka dot patterns. Wearing a corolla headdress made of natural flowers will look like fairies or elves.


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Models dressed in dresses, bubble socks and lace gloves, completed a set of retro and romantic pastoral blockbusters in the bright sunshine, which contrasted with this extremely destructive world in a simple and dreamy way. To create a magnificent fantasy full of natural breath for the world, and to convey a beautiful vision of everyone working through difficult times together.


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In the designer industry, there are also many trendy designers who take the rural style as the main design idea. These people have injected a steady stream of vitality into the modern development of the rural style. Roni Ahn, a young fashion designer, is accustomed to incorporating calm colors into the romantic country atmosphere. She is good at modern innovations in the pastoral style. Using tulle and medieval clothing elements as references, she has designed many unique pastoral costumes.


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Pastoral style blends into everyday fashion.


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In terms of beauty makeup, Cottagecore Girls also prefer natural and light nude makeup, matte and shiny sweet makeup, or quirky freckles and ethereal makeup. The Korean idol group Oh My Girl member YOOA has recently returned to the look The whole stage is decorated with fairy-like flowers, freckles and red hair. In daily life, ornaments such as printed headscarves, bow hair accessories, flower hairpins, and even flesh-pink flower manicures are more and more flooded in girls' dressing boxes.


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Earth-colored loose clothing, inlaid with romantic floral embroidery, lace accessories, clear and sweet nude makeup plus soft bows or floral hair accessories, during the epidemic, people will integrate DIY fashion into life. When the return to the original becomes popular, This force can also support people through the winter and usher in the next spring.


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May you have the firm heart of a little woman and the gentle power of a little woman.


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