The Fast-response Brushwork Pattern Trend for Womenswear

Author:Spring 2023-11-02

Pattern Trend for Womenswear


In contemporary society, the widespread application of digital painting technology has filled people with curiosity and a desire to explore the possibilities of artistic creation. However, people still love the texture and texture presented by traditional brushes and scrapers. At the latest quarterly women's clothing brand press conference, Monet's impressionistic dreamy colors combined with artistic graffiti, a new approach that combines traditional and contemporary art, are very eye-catching. For example, the graffiti oil painting brushstroke patterns launched by brands such as MSGM inject a fresh and rich artistic atmosphere into women's clothing.


Pattern Trend for Womenswear


In the latest press conferences of various brands, the simple pen graffiti pattern showcases a strong sense of contemporary art. The rich colors and fun of these brush texture patterns blend abstract lines and graffiti elements, injecting a fresh and modern artistic atmosphere into women's clothing. On the other hand, some brands have launched oil painting art floral prints that match the spring and summer feel. The combination of textured fabrics and nail bead details highlights a high-end texture, showcasing the brand's respect for traditional oil painting. At the same time, through the use of materials and the presentation of details, traditional and modern are combined, highlighting the elegant style of women. 


Pattern Trend for Womenswear


Allover oil painting, as a highly artistic technique of pattern expression, creates a rich artistic atmosphere by imitating the texture and delicate brushstrokes of oil painting. Bold brushing of floral patterns, bright colors, and exaggerated brushstrokes will bring vitality and vitality to women's clothing. This pattern direction can be applied to styles such as dresses, tops, and skirts, adding a touch of spring and summer romance to women's clothing.


Allover Oil Painting


Play doodles are another highly anticipated pattern direction. Create lively and interesting visual effects through concise and interesting hand drawn lines and pattern elements. This design technique fills the clothing with childlike charm and vitality, bringing a relaxed and youthful feeling to the overall design. The use of fun and simple pens will inject vitality and personality into women's clothing, making the wearer unique and charming in the crowd.


Playful Doodles flower


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