The Fabric Trend for Women's Re-created Classics Accessory

Author:Alice 2020-06-12

Womenswear Accessory


Fabric and detail of accessories are deeply influenced by fashion trends and decorative designs. Designer brands also interpret classic accessories through brand-new techniques. They focus on elegant feminine details, including traditional and avant-garde elements. Comfortable plush and individual quilted fabric create items fit for the extreme weather.


Womenswear Accessory


Influenced by comfortable home theme, exquisite felt is often seen on catwalks and in markets. Norse Projects, a Nordic brand, adds a practical waterproof coating to the felt to enhance its functionality, thus establishing the material's position in the accessories category.


Exquisite Felt womenswear


Drawing inspiration from the past, modern textures and multicolored patterns renew checks. Scarf prints and traditional checks are used as reference, nodding to tradition. Moncler uses tactile fabrics like artificial fur, adding fun to gingham. The wool gabardine of Lacoste presents a 3D structure.