The Fabric Trend for Men's Warmth & Protection Woolen Coat

Author:Tom 2021-09-09

Men's Woolen Coat


The diverse development of politics, economy and culture has brought multiple kinds of works. Millennials are also about to enter into the workplace, which leads to the transformation of men's business style. We can see from the S/S menswear runways from June to July that these fashion brands selected more daring and abundant styles, colors and fabrics than Cruise 2022 womenswear. This report will compre-hensively introduce the fabric developing trend for business woolen coat.


Men's Woolen Coat


Woolen hooded coat is a must-have item for young workers. Easy-care fabrics with high cost performance are recommended. Wool, polyester, nylon and recyclable wool meet the pursuit of environmental protection. The thermal and wind-proof functions brought by hoods increase the 

dressing experience.


Hooded Coat


Hooded element is combined with different silhouettes to create woolen coats that are suitable for all the ages. The versatility and practicality of hood makes it become the must-have element in winter. The woolen hooded coat of this season continues the classic British style and draws features from popular home styles and athleisure styles to broaden the range.


Hooded Coat


Woolen belted coat requires fabrics with drapability and body. Fancy loop yarn fabric uses double-layered structure to increase the tightness. Dense herringbone is combined with dotted yarns to upgrade the vision. Fuzzy double-faced raised pile and napped tweed are both the ideal fabrics for belted coat. Classic business styles select merino wool, cashmere and vicuna wool to elevate the textures, while youthful business styles are recommended to use easy-care recyclable wool, recyclable polyester and nylon.


Belted Coat


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