The Durable Clothing| Soft and Retro Ecology Fabric Trend for Women's Denim

Author:Alice 2020-02-20

Fabric Trend for Women's Denim

Overview -- Durable Clothing| Soft and Retro Ecology

Denim is getting increasingly popular. And the cinematic aesthetics of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood has inspired emphasis on durable denim look. Catering to the revival of retro style, in S/S 2021, designers adhere to the nonchalant and sincere attitudes of the late 1970s and 1980s, use the retro keynote to add novel elements to unsalable and recycled denim, apply primitive elements to enhance the indigo denim texture, and utilize the improvement of laser and ozone to display the denim charm of natural original ecology and to bring close to the aesthetic perception of the natural environment. Reactive dyed denim, soft denim and eco-friendly denim jacquard are integrated with soft practical style, adding modern elegance and enduring vitality to new femininity.


Women's Denim

Reactive Denim

As the retro and enduring design upgrades denim, pollution-free reactive dyestuff is integrated with natural and organic denim, so the denim yarns will never fade. The preprocessed fabric effect replaces washing treatment, which reduces water pollution and strengthens the color fastness, so the retro look can be better matched with modern clothing collocation, and denim can be multiply used. Cotton slub, square texture and unformed reactive denim can display a high-end appearance, and create elegant practical aesthetics and original commuting looks.


Women's Denim

Recommended Application

The dark-colored appearance of original hand-woven eco-friendly denim reshapes the 3D jackets and power suits of the 1980s, and uses structure line to revive the retro fashion. Natural and durable yarn softens the feminine appearance, creating a sophisticated casual modern commuting denim aesthetics.


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