The Dragon Pattern Trend for Kidswear

Author:Spring 2023-11-22

The Pattern Trend for KidswearThe Pattern Trend for Kidswear


The domestic animated film 'Lion Boy' revolves around the Chinese intangible cultural heritage of dragon and lion dance. Let China-Chic be more integrated into people's life. In the Chinese lunar calendar, 2024 is the Jiachen year, and as an Eastern mythical beast, Qinglong is in charge of a peaceful area, symbolizing auspiciousness, fortune, and honor. The inspiration for this pattern comes from this. The main design element is the divine beast, the green dragon, and the fun text adds blessings to the New Year. The report serves as a reference for the development of New Year patterns.  


The Pattern Trend for Kidswear


This article combines Chinese dragon elements with fun "homophonic memes" as the main design elements, utilizing popular visual expression methods, and combining them with traditional Chinese Lunar New Year culture. Utilize simple and direct expressions to maximize the use of fun text games. Suitable for clothing items such as sweaters and climbing clothes.



Dragon Memes


This article focuses on the blue dragon as the main pattern element. As one of the four ancient mythical beasts in the "Classic of Mountains and Seas", the blue dragon has the meaning of being in charge of a safe place. Using modern painting techniques, the traditional Chinese cultural element of Qinglong is portrayed in a more adorable form, and used in children's clothing to add a blessing to children.


Azure Dragon


This article is mainly inspired by the cool music trend of playing "Space Dragon", which is a product of the combination of space technology and cultural elements, presenting a mysterious and imaginative universe world. The form of simple strokes is more suitable for the design and development of children's clothing. Suitable for the pattern application of children's underwear series and baby clothing.


Space Travel


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