The Detail Trend for Wedding Dress

Author:Tom 2021-10-26

Wedding Dress


Fantastic gauze wedding dress carries brides' dreams and expectations. Layered gauze and details decorate the romantic fantasies. Through colors and details, lithe gauze presents properly fairy wedding dress and exudes a tender, romantic atmosphere.


Wedding Dress


The voluminous shoulder details of hazy gauze allow wedding dress to have a higher quality. Airy sleeves beautify the shoulder lines, while ruffled boated design is more elegant and sweeter.


Shoulder Details wedding dresses


Regularly graduated wedding dress is presented by fantastic colors, and the large-scale weak color conflict feels fairy, elegant, and cool. Pale-tone dress with exquisite tailoring and details is really agile while the bride walking.


Color Gradient wedding dresses


Layers of lithe gauze use minimalist and smooth lines to create the outlines, which also strengthens the fullness and volume visually. The silhouette of tiered dress exudes an elegant, fairy touch naturally.


Tiered Dress


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