The Design Development of Women's Swimsuit

Author:Tom 2021-09-14

Women's Swimsuit


Inspiration Event


women's swimsuit


With the popularity and promotion of surfing, people start to enjoy the fun between sky and sea. Warm colors are extracted from the women-swear runways this season to develop the color of swimsuit and create multi-occasional styling. Decorative bright colors strengthen the modern accent, and Delphinium Blue(PANTONE 16-4519TPG) injects calmness into this palette.


Color Direction


Long-sleeved design brings stronger protection, and the wrapped elastic fabric can better present the body curves. Back design and zippers are convenient for the wearers. Besides, its modest design also attracts more conservative consumers.


Long-sleeved One-piece Swimsuit


Cropped swimsuit perfectly presents the waistline and meets the young market. The long-sleeved tight-fit silhouette slims the arms and also protects the skin from sunshine. Pattern and detail designs allow cropped swimsuit to present different styles.


Two-piece Cropped Swimsuit


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