The Creative Monogram Pattern Trend for Women's Knitwear

Author:Tom 2022-01-11

Women's Knitwear

Font changes, different materials, and fun elements are used to rejuvenate the monogram design. Top brands’ transformed logos with fun elements is the detail to watch. Linear monogram puts emphasis on the clean visual experience.


Women's Knitwear

Fun elements are grouped together to weaken the traditional feel of monogram, which is more suitable for developing younger and colorful knitwear. Keep an eye on the color scheme and high color purity. Pale tones are used on backgrounds to better set off the fun elements.


Women's Knitwear

The decorations in placement center on color contrasts and blocking. Pixelated monogram is integrated into knitwear for an indistinct effect. Positioning prints are presented on the front chest to catch sightline.


Placement Decoration

Neat linear monogram on vest items is suitable for the young market. All-over patterns are mainly composited by lines, minimalist letters, and geometric structures.


Linear Monogram

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