The Confirmation of Womenswear Theme Colors

Author:Alice 2020-03-10

fashion trend theme


Landscape Protection is one of theme color trends for A/W 20/21 released by POP in 2019, which focuses on natural ecology. The nature provides an organic and comfortable palette. And inspired by nature lovers, architects and philosophers, bamboo and deep lichen green are key colors. The peaceful and natural palette allows people to escape from short-term pressure through observation and reflection. Environmentally-friendly grey, peat, beet red and natural light khaki are integrated to be more eco-friendly and create a comfortable tranquil beauty.


fashion theme trend


The vibrant green gets rid of the plain and elegant natural vibe, and creates the tranquil and balanced neutral quality. Deep lichen green from the nature frequently appears on catwalks for A/W 2020, which confirms Landscape Protection, the trend for A/W 20/21.


Deep Lichen Green


Bamboo is the second key color of Landscape Protection. Original yellow extracted from landscape re-creates the nature, and creates pragmatism combined with ecology, so the quality sense, comfort and calmness coexist. Bamboo and environmental protection concept also frequently appear in the A/W 2020 runway, with the landscape-like tie-dyed patterns to confirm Landscape Protection, the trend for A/W 20/21.




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