The Confirmation of Menswear Theme Colors

Author:Alice 2020-03-05

Landscape Protection

Landscape Protection is one of theme color trends for A/W 20/21 released by POP in July, 2019. In order to resist the excessive consumption of resources, it is imperative for people to protect nature, earth and all living creatures. Global Assessment Report on State of Nature released by UN indicates that 1 million species are facing extinction. In A/W 20/21, designers will go for new concepts to create a new home where man and nature integrate. The outbreak at the beginning of 2020 also reminds us of the importance of harmony between man and nature, and confirms this trend.

fashion theme color trend
Naturally transitional bamboo protects all living creatures, and brightens the palette. It is ideal for cotton fabrics to display its natural feel.
Bamboo color
With the popularity of maximalism, solemn and silent laurel oak begins to prevail, which means the ecological protection will be redefined. The mineral is from geological surface and then polished, which awakens utilitarian and industrial laurel oak. This natural and neutral color brings us close to nature.
Key Color -- Laurel Oak