The Comprehensive Runway Analysis of Textured Fabric Womenswear

Author:Spring 2023-08-17

Womenswear trend


In the early spring of 2024, trendy texture fabrics mainly appeared in the brands of fashion leisure, street fashion and simple European styles. Trendy texture fabrics, which achieve various visual effects through various techniques, are showing an upward trend in this season's fashion show. Among them, three-dimensional decorative fabrics composed of decorative accessories such as sequins, rhinestones, and rivets have the highest proportion, reaching 24%. Gold and silver thread elements are applied to classic jacquard and thick woolen fabrics, with proportions of 17% and 16% respectively. The characteristic finishing process of lace fabrics continues in this season's leisure style, accounting for 13% of the fabrics. The proportion of woven stripe fabrics is also 13%, and the trend of mother-and-child stripes is evident. Exquisite velvety fabrics account for 9%, mainly velvet fabrics, and attention can be given to changes in velvet fabric materials and finishing techniques. The proportion of technology metal appearance is the smallest but with a significant upward trend, making it a trend appearance of this season, and it is used by many different styles of brands.


Womenswear trend


Trendy Fabrics:

Vibrant Jacquard, Metallic Tech, Lightweight Coarse Tweed


Trendy Fabrics:

Techno metallic, 3D decorations, geometric sheen jacquard


Trendy Fabrics:

Knitted velvet, color woven stripes, soft lace


Trend Style


Highlights: Lace fabric was mainly used to develop casual style designs in this season's fashion show. CHANEL showcased a variety of lace dresses with finishes such as coating or printing, while Christian Dior utilized geometric retro pattern water-soluble lace to create dresses and shirts. Dsquared2 demonstrated the use of lace fabric in trendy athletic styles. 

Key developments: Post-processing of lace fabric to enhance style attributes; the use of lace, which represents femininity, in a more gender-neutral and casual manner.


Casual Lace womenswear


Highlights: Jacquard fabrics in this season mainly showcase three styles: metallic luster, multi-organza jacquard, and embossed texture. The fabrics are delicate, firm, and of moderate thickness.

Key developments: Increase the use of gold and silver threads in jacquard fabrics, utilize multi-organza jacquard techniques combined with various colors to create delicate and full jacquard visual effects. Focus on the development of embossed jacquard with prominent textures for the coat category.


Colorful Jacquard


Highlights: Three-dimensional decorative fabrics are one of the mainstream fabrics in this season's trend. CHANEL has developed a decorative technique using rhinestones or bead embroidery to create tartan patterns. Thom Browne innovatively uses the angle and luster of bead embroidery to present a mottled effect.

Key developments: Focus on the application of decorative accessories in patterns such as tartan, flowers, and totems.


3D Decoration womenswear


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