The Comprehensive Runway Analysis of Menswear Accessory

Author:Spring 2023-07-18

Analysis of Menswear


Looking at the men's fashion shows in Paris, Milan, and London for Spring/Summer 2024, the overall style is returning to minimalism and practicality. Accessories are cleverly used to add highlights to the clothing. Classic elements with brand significance are being reutilized, conveying cultural retrospection through exaggerated or innovative visual effects.


Analysis of Menswear


Highlights: This season, represented by the pearl embellishments of LOUIS VUITTON and the allover gem embroidery of DIOR MEN, pays homage to craftsmanship and classics.

Development: Emphasizing the return of craftsmanship, with elements of fun or brand philosophy as the focal point of styling, conveying the trend of narrative dressing.

Application: Decorative chain detailing on trousers, overall application.


Creative Idea dress


Highlights: The fabric-based handmade three-dimensional flowers have attracted much attention in this season's men's casual wear.

Development: By using clothing waste, three-dimensional decorations can be made with floral elements, seamlessly integrating with the garments. This not only creates a leisurely and relaxed atmosphere for countryside vacations but also demonstrates a sense of responsibility towards resource utilization.

Application: Adornments on the chest, allover decorations.


Handmade 3D Flower

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