The Comprehensive Recyclable Design Fabric Analysis of Kingpins Show

Author:Tom 2021-06-01

Kingpins Show


Kingpins held its second online exhibition on the interaction platform, which included guest lecture, trend presentation, and product & project introduction. The innovation of denim industry make recyclable design become the highlight of online exhibition. The close opportunity inside the denim industry stimulates the sustainable development and recycling production.


Kingpins Show


Denim industry pays attention to the ecology protection and studies on chemical-free dyes and more water-saving washing methods. 100% natural chemical-free dyes avoid the pollution of water resources. The exhibitor Bossa uses Savablue+ technique to save about 85% of the water resources. And the nano-tech Membrane Bio Reactor of Covolan improves the water filtering, and evaporates or reuses the waste water.


Water Saving denim


Lower-influence bast fiber takes the place of cotton fiber to present practical and versatile styles. The fusion with soft and breathable blends of linen and bamboo fiber, and the injection of organic cotton and BCI cotton create the all-year-around denim.


Bast Fiber


Low compression process improves the elasticity of fabric and maintains the original raw tactility. Comfortable elastic denim fabric also enhances the inclusiveness of body size and decreases the shrinkage.


Recycling fabric


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