The Comprehensive Analysis of Womenswear Retail Markets in Shanghai

Author:Alice 2020-06-03

Womenswear Retail Markets


In May, markets in china are gradually recovering. Summer clothing leads the market. T-shirts, shirts and dresses become mainstream items. Cool sky blue, light yellow, light green and bright white are prevailing. Chiffon, lace, eco-friendly cotton and mesh are gaining consumers. Cartoon characters, nostalgic photos and shiny heavy-duty techniques are popular. This report shows the recovery period in Shanghai.


Showcase Display


The young lady style is sweet in April, and more playful in May. Fabrics are mainly light chiffon, gauze, thin knits and breathable cotton. Silhouette is exquisite and short. The crop top is the main form, and bottoms are dominated by knee-length styles. The dress is well-fitting and waisted. As for colors, light yellow and light green are prevailing.


The Young Lady Style


The simple & sophisticated style is displayed by soft and comfortable looks. Artistic patterns are dominant. Draping crinkles and soft twisted knots are key details.

The Simple & Sophisticated Style
The athleisure style in May uses characteristic fun prints, such as cartoon bear, spider, ancient people and Doraemon. Colored tie-dye and blurring also create casual leisure items.
The Athleisure Style