The Comprehensive Analysis of Women's Runway Show

Author:Spring 2023-11-02

fashion week


This report conducts a comprehensive analysis of the four major fashion weeks 2024 Spring/Summer runway women's fur. The main items of this season are improved motorcycle jackets, material splicing, and retro vintage. The details of floral elements, wash wrinkles, and metal decorations are also showing a significant upward trend. In addition, 3D embossing elements and other designs cannot be ignored, becoming the focus of women's denim at the 24 Spring/Summer runway.

Women's Runway Show


In the spring and summer of 2024, the clear neutral light green combines visual comfort and versatility with its extremely low saturation, while the presentation of individual texture is closely related to the introverted and clean tones.


Pale Green


On the 2024 spring/summer women's fur runway, the warm brown color scheme creates a more gentle, emotional, and contemporary neutral color palette.


Brown women's fashion style


On the runway, the saturation of Burgundy tends to medium gray, highlighting the texture of the color, adding a touch of delicate elegance and steady nobility to the leather and fur, creating a calm temperament.

Burgundy women's style


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