The Comprehensive Analysis of Women's Knitwear in Shanghai Markets

Author:Alice 2020-06-15

Women's Knitwear


Retail markets in Shanghai are gradually regaining its former vigor and crowd. Simple but powerful designs enhance the chic feeling. Stylish women's knitwear makes the wearer confident and charming.


Women's Knitwear


Turn-down collar is necessary for elegant lady style and young lady style. In addition to color-blocking on edges, layered stitches and attached lace allow the knitted and woven textiles to make a sharp contrast.


Turn-Down Collar knitwear


Fine transfer stitches sketch female chest and accentuate the form, becoming a highlight of undershirts and vests. Basic stitches change along with lines and replace boning in ready-to-wear. Its comfortable touch is in line with human curves and skin, providing a comfy and exquisite summer look.


Transfer Stitches knitwear


Undulating textures and dainty pointelle textures are frequently used in women's knitwear. Their applications break the dullness of a flat surface. Tensile layered textures create a cool space. Dense fine-gauge is aesthetic and practical when applied to lightweight polo and cardigan.


Women's Knitwear


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