The Comprehensive Analysis of Women's Knitwear in Korean Retail Markets

Author:Alice 2020-06-29

Women's Knitwear


The pandemic results in the severe conditions in Japan, South Korea, Italy and Iran. But life is going on. For clothing industry, the youthful and vigorous Seoul is still an area worth reference for young and leisure clothing brands. POP here analyzes and recommends the seasonal styles in Seoul markets, so as to promote the revival of clothing industry.


Women's Knitwear


Gorgeous and bold contrasting edging is favored by the young and leisure style. In S/S 2020 market in Seoul, designs on edges are magnified. In addition to multiple colors, textures of edges break the flat effect. Playful ruffles are applied to side parts or plackets, bringing a colorful visual impact.


Contrasting Edging


Letter and stripe are always the main design point for the athleisure style, which is emphasized by POP. In S/S 2020 Seoul markets, this design is combined with more gorgeous and youthful color proportion to create bolder images.


Letters and Stripes


Playful and sweet Peter Pan Collar is super important in Korean markets. In addition to contrasting colors in edges, lace-like stitches and fine-gauged collar add a design sense to the collar. The square turn-down collar is combined with silk to be both practical and good-looking, which can help with the young lady style clothing collocation.


Turn-down Collar


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