The Comprehensive Analysis of Trunk Shows for Men's Knitwear

Author:Tom 2020-01-14

Men's Knitwear


The A/W 20/21 trunk shows for men's knitwear pay more attention to the utility of details. Letters and melange yarns are displayed by blocks to enhance the visual impact. The diversified combinations with various crafts bring a superior quality sense to knitwear. This report will analyze key details from perspectives of crafts and patterns, explores their relationship and discusses specific applications to knitwear.


men's knitwear


Differential edge is expressed by diversified crafts in trunk shows. Rustic and natural hand-sewn seams, compact and fine machine-embroidery add color sense changes, make a sharp contrast with knitwear, and heighten the concave-convex impact than basic jacquard. Metal zippers and dainty buttons are fit for business leisure styles, further to be exquisite.


Differential Edge


Changeable check is a key element in the trend column, and indispensable for business leisure knitwear. In A/W 20/21 trunk shows, in addition to geometric textures brought by stitches, linear decorations are added to mimic the fine-gauged texture. The dense and fine knitwear of Versace is necessary for high-end business men.


Linear Check


Tie-dye declines a little in this season. Off-White and Valentino all create tie-dyed knitwear. This report extracts geometric pattern which is commonly used by the two brands. The organic combination of pattern with craft will be a key direction in the new season. For colors, large-scale gorgeous fluorescent colors are not suitable for Chinese men's knitwear.


Tie-dye Effect


Lettered pattern is always the key pattern in men's knitwear. Simple letter jacquard effectively enhances the efficiency of creating styles. Overlapped or misplaced letters are more popular than all-over letters. Apart from regular jacquard in the chest, Alexander McQueen extends letters from the chest to sleeves, practical and good-looking.




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