The Comprehensive Analysis of New York & Barcelona Wedding Dress Runway

Author:Spring 2023-07-18

wedding dresses


The current season's New York & Barcelona Bridal Week featured over 30 domestic and international designers showcasing their 2024 new collections at the fashion show, attracting exhibitors and buyers from up to 90 countries. As a major trend, many brands have started adopting separates-style wedding dresses, choosing shiny fabrics and combining them with embroidery, beading, and three-dimensional decorative elements, creating more handmade and personalized bridal collections. Many collections draw inspiration from nature, with floral patterns as the main theme.

wedding dresses


The two-piece separates are a hot new trend in wedding dresses, appearing in various forms such as cape cloaks or jackets paired with a dress, as well as separates in the form of top and bottom sets. This breaks the traditional form of wedding dresses, adding diversity and increasing the wearability of the wedding dress. The long coat can be taken off and transformed into a formal dress, suitable for various occasions, making it more practical.


Two-piece Dress


The large A-line hem has always been a focus of domestic wedding dress development. This season's wedding week creates a dreamy fairy atmosphere with layered chiffon or silk cascading skirts. The split design elongates the body proportion, and the palace-style double-winged skirt showcases a magnificent retro feel, noble temperament, and a sturdy fabric material sculpting clear and sharp contour curves.

Large A-line Hem


The back of the straight wedding dress is spliced with two fishtails. The front of the straight skirt is split or made of sheer material, with the leg line appearing subtly. The layered and intricate trailing skirt at the back creates a luxurious and elegant image, or contrasts with materials such as satin, sheer fabric, and lace, enriching the style and layering of the design.


Double Fishtails wedding dresses

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