The Comprehensive Analysis of Men's Knitwear in Florence Retail Markets

Author:Tom 2020-06-11

Florence Retail Markets

COVID-19 hit the world. Some knitwear brands in European and American countries are bankrupt or shut down. Information in Italy retail markets is also limited. And this report analyzes the latest dynamics of men's knitwear in Florence retail markets from perspectives of stitch, patterns and crafts. Refined crafts and bright colors characterize Florence.


Florence Retail Markets

Italy is strict about crafts. In the new season, sheeny functional fabrics are dominant. Materials of different thicknesses focus more on stitching. Mixed materials on the chest, side seams, neckline and pockets reveal a strong functional feeling. Drawstring, zipper and buckle are exquisite.


Functional Splicing Knitwear

Cable changes add fun to mono-color knitwear. In Florence retail markets, heavy-gauged cables, deconstructed and reorganized cables, magnified or minimized cables, stitch changes display diversified cables.


Evolution of Cables

In A/W 20/21 Florence retail markets, geometric color blocks are stacked. Color blocks and stitch, number and letter pattern are combined, creating a strong contrast. Functional splicing on the hemline is noteworthy.


Geometric Color Blocks

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