The Comprehensive Analysis of Men's Knitwear Decorative Details in Tongxiang Markets

Author:Tom 2020-09-28

Men's Knitwear


In the early autumn, the long-sleeve thin knitwear dominates Tongxiang wholesale markets, and chunky knitwear also takes up a small part. Exquisite and lavish details become important designs for men's knitwear in early autumn. Convex line textures stand out in knitwear. Mini details enhance delicacy of plain silhouettes. Badges and patterns are lavish.


Men's Knitwear


Line textures stand out in men's knitwear. Lines are crossed and paralleled casually. Short lines and jacquard patterns are combined. Or short lines form argyle patterns, adding textures.


Line Textures


Mini details enhance delicacy of plain knitwear. Decorative buttons, jacquard, embroideries and mini patterns show detail changes and enrich styles.


Mini Decorations


Badge is non-negligible in Tongxiang wholesale markets. Jacquard and embroideries form badge-like patterns, quite fun. We recommend to combine multiple badges or pair badges with patterns.


Badge Decorations


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