The Comprehensive Analysis of Chinese Gown Brands

Author:Tom 2020-07-10

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SHINE MODA and WECOUTURE insist on demanding designs and high-standard crafts to create stunning gowns, becoming benchmark brands of wedding dresses in China in recent years. They employ Chinese style elements and add embroidery or hand-drawn decorations to simple classic silhouettes, thus displaying Chinese aesthetics and creating charming gowns.

Chinese Gown Brands
Recommended Brand -- SHINE MODA

In 2007, couture designer Renya was invited to make the first wedding dress in her career, and she integrated her blessing into the wedding dress. And then SHINE MODA was born. "A true luxury is created by a diligent craftsperson with good materials." It sticks to using premium French lace and soft silk and believes only hand-sewing can make the wedding dress truly comfortable, fitted and time-tested. SHINE MODA brings out the beauty of lace with the finest craftsmanship and provides exquisite gowns for confident and elegant women.
Recommended Brand -- WECOUTURE

WECOUTURE was founded by Demi Jiong and Derek Wong in Shanghai in 2008 and aims at haute couture. Their works are quite unique, luxurious, graceful and light. They are an important part of the growing Chinese design force. Every product of WECOUTURE well displays the typical form of Asian ladies. Every pleat is from designers' smart ingenuity and emphasizes the perfect cutting proportion. Beads, lace, feather and other luxurious details all show the individuality of each gown. Premium materials offered by top-tier European suppliers and smart handicrafts co-create a perfect and amazing visual experience.
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Oriental Beauty

Traditional Chinese culture (including traditional Chinese painting, Chinese philosophy and Chinese poems and prose) uses chromatic colors in a unique way and often mention black and white. Dogwood pink, rouge red, cyanine, gamboge, reed grey and celadon grey are typical oriental colors.
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