The Color Trend Verification of SD Recollect Womenswear

Author:Spring 2023-03-15


SD Recollect is a Fall/Winter 23/24 color trend released by POP Fashion in June 2022. SD Recollect brings the flashback of classic moments and pays homage to the charm of golden era. Lo-fi rough aesthetics draw the attention of retro lovers. Low fidelity, low-quality code, low-frame aesthetic, psychedelic retro and soft-focus granule are the signatures. Illusive color contrast is joined by nostalgic coffee tone to interpret the new retro.



The retro Bellwether Blue originates from the dynamic and energetic stadiums and colleges. As a versatile dark tone, the deep blue is a classic continuation color of American pragmatists. It is suitable for classic baseball jackets, velvet materials and deconstructed commutewear. This core A/W basic color is combined with classic sporty fits. Color blocking and patchwork interpret a nostalgic street fashion.



The Mushroom reproduces the uninhibited youthful vitality. Artist Fabio Viale’s sculpture and the old-fashioned filter gives the nostalgic palette trending colors. The brown-gray color is used in jacquard letter sweaters, fluffy down jackets and suiting. The gray tone breaks the single youthful matching, and reflects the vitality of youthful growth



Golden Rod awakens the desire for youthfulness in the low-pixel era. Acne Studio’s lo-fi colorway embraces the trend of new archaeological generation. The retro digital color runs through rugby tops, varsity coats and plaid sweaters. Nostalgic badges, dyed stripes, and warm fuzz inspire the vibrant the vibrant outfits in A/W. The nostalgic and light colorway shows enthusiasm and vitality.



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