The Color Trend for S/S 2023 Sportswear of Experimental Meadow

Author:Tom 2021-08-27



The repeated epidemic condition stops our steps toward a long journey, which leads suburban travel to become a new trend. Urban people are desiring for walking out of the concrete high-rises and travelling to the forest and meadow nearby. Light outdoor micro-vacation has been the mainstream. Cross-country running, outdoor yoga, camping and outward bound form a new lifestyle of travel and fitness. Indoor sport skills, which were learned during the lockdown, can be further released and expanded in the vast field.




We can breathe in fresh air and absorb energy from meadows during the camping and outing. The natural world protects the mentality and provides a more relaxed condition. Influenced by the pandemic, anti-bacterial protection has been an essential issue, which adds a protective filter to the pri-mitive natural colors. Experimental color ideas reform these natural hues, and healing colors are fresher and clearer. Sprout-like yellowish green has been brighter and cleaner because of the reflection of lab glass. Translucent and pale blue feels like being immersed in the water. Feminine pink pur-ple is balanced with softer neutral colors.




Experimental yellow and blue create a fresh and vivid color atmosphere, which brightens the earthy color and enlivens the whole palette. High-brightness yellow and blue can be both used as main colors and complementary colors.


Color Matching One


High-brightness blue and yellow can be used widely on sunscreen clothing and lightweight jacket to underline the lively vibe of spring and summer. Floral element is mainly printed all over the garment or paired with letters and slogan to enrich details.


Clothing Collocation One


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