The Color Trend for Men's and Women's Knitted Fabrics

Author:Alice 2020-08-12

Men's and Women's Knitted Fabrics


In the post-coronavirus era, people hope to establish a close relationship with nature. Knitted fabrics work well for both men and women, and go across the whole year. In S/S 2022, designers try to extract trendy colors and natural, harmless dyestuff from nature for pile knit, jersey and stretchable mesh fabric, so as to meet consumers' interest in nature.


Men's and Women's Knitted Fabrics


This natural and vigorous palette is dominated by green tones, suited to various knitted fabrics such as pile knit, jersey and mesh fabric. Eco-friendly natural dyestuff perfectly reflects people's longing for outdoors and nature in S/S 2022. Summer White, Pale Banana, Almond Peach, Tender Greens and Comfrey complete this palette, fully showing the importance of eco-friendly outdoor colors for men's and women's knitted fabrics.


Colors of Knitted Fabrics


Drawn from summer sunshine, Summer White is in high brightness and feels warm. On the whole, it is not essential but it injects novelty into future knitted fabrics, such as jacquard fabrics, geometric mesh fabrics. It is worth close attention.


Summer White


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