The Color Comprehensive Analysis of Womenswear Catwalks

Author:Tom 2021-04-12

Womenswear Catwalks


Influenced by the epidemic, A/W 21/22 womenswear fashion week catwalks were presented in an irreversible digitalization trend. Most brands decided to release their latest collections online. According to the color data of A/W 21/22 catwalks, colorless(66.79%) still occupies the biggest proportion. Black becomes the most popular color; the application of white and gray colors decreases rapidly. Compared with A/W 20/21 and A/W 19/20, the proportions of black, khaki, red and yellow colors rise clearly this season; while the proportions of white, blue and orange colors reduce. Under the global background, black is the annual color of 2021. Except for colorless tone, khaki, red, yellow and blue colors become the most frequently used color tones in A/W 21/22.


Womenswear Catwalks


Red is the most widely used color this season, and almost all the brands use this color tone. Red represents fire and blood in the western culture. It is a symbolic color of danger and terror, symbolizing brutal, bleeding, revolution and radical. Influenced by the global epidemic condition, extremely impactive red color reminds us to revere nature, love nature, and warns everyone that danger is near.


Red color style


Cherry Tomato is the most unique color of A/W 21/22, which shows diversification on sophisticated and chic styles. The bloody Cherry Tomato is an intensively expansive color, which represents flame and strength. The application of cotton down, silk, velvet and suit fabric presents endlessly passionate charm with the decoration of pale blue, black, brown and white items.


Cherry Tomato


Colorless tone occupies the biggest proportion on A/W 21/22 womenswear catwalks, and black even becomes the annual color. Influenced by the global epidemic condition, black symbolizes darkness, death, pain, depression and sadness. In the Western culture, black is also a color of mourning, and people wear black on funeral. However in the fashion world, black brings steadiness, solemnness and neat modern fashion style, noble and elegant. Holy, clean, noble and bright white color symbolizes the purity and faith of love. This soothing color is widely used in many hospitals.




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