The Clay Green Color Evolution of Menswear

Author:Alice 2019-12-04



In A/W 19/20, we think about the meaning of life, and words such as nature, ecology and quality are increasingly amplified. The tranquil avocado green carries the healthy and natural lifestyle, brings us to return back to the nature. We try to slow down and look around, feel the life, try to rediscover ourselves, and discover the life attitude of LOHAS philosophy.


Avocado Green


Avocado green always exudes the smell of the healthy ecology. Cabbeen and Kent & Curwen splice avocado green with earth yellow and berry purple, adding a lively sense to the tranquility. Quilting is combined with a string, bringing an outdoor sports feel to the original and natural vibe. The cropped bomber jacket of MISTERGENTLEMAN is paired with fleece trousers in smoke grey purple, creating a lethargic and comfortable experience. The neat cutting and naturally draping fabric of Dunhill pair deep mist grey with avocado green, telling the story of pursuing the healthy and natural lifestyle.


Avocado Green Color Proportion


With the increasing attention on environmental protection, the pursuit of a green and healthy lifestyle is just the beginning. While people are deeply reflecting on the meaning of their own life and returning to nature, environmental protection and restoration are also carried out. Avocado green, a symbol of natural and healthy life attitude, is replaced by clay green that is the original color of the natural ecosystem, which makes people withdraw from urban life and return to the most primitive homeland. Clay green, as the primitive and natural representative color of A/W 20/21, actively carries the hope of protecting the environment.


Avocado Green Color Evolution


Clay green from the original natural ecosystem has a pure and natural neutral temperament and two seemingly antagonistic characteristics of toughness and leisure, becoming an important trendy color for A/W 20/21. The quiet naturalism creates a short dream time, brings people close to nature to feel the tranquil beauty of the ecosystem and awaken the primal joy that slumbers in the depths of the soul. Clay green explains the charm of natural ecosystem and shows the original beauty of nature.


Clay Green Color Inspiration


An important trend of A/W 20/21 is returning to nature and rereading the ecosystem. And the natural and comfortable clay green perfectly conforms this concept. Juun and N.Hoolywood use clay green as the main color to pair with tonal colors in the workwear, showing a tough texture. The deconstructed bomber jacket of Maison Mihara Yasuhiro is paired with check shirts and corresponding to the denim, depicting an urban picture. The lethargic knitted pullover of J.W. Anderson is styled with light outdoor items, bringing a new urban outdoor style.


Clay Green Color Inspiration


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