The Chloé 2020 Spring Summer Collection

Author:Alice 2019-09-29

The Chloé 2020 Spring/Summer collection is the fifth T-series of designer Natacha Ramsay-Levi. Removed the Bohemian bold prints of the previous seasons, turned to classic and mature styles, consistent with more and more popular aesthetics.


Chloé 2020


Chloé's spring and summer collections range from light colors such as white and flesh pink to the classic camel, black, and gray-blue lines. These rich color schemes are sometimes soft and feminine, blending into a romantic mood with a comfortable attitude.


Chloé's spring 

and summer collections


The white minimalist shirt is paired with casual trousers, a skirt, and a striped shirt dress, which is the perfect interpretation of the French style.


white shirt + black 

stripe trousers


The soft-toned dress is light and feminine, and the overall color is a simple atmosphere. Exquisite cuts and elegant design show a clean and natural Chloé girl.



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