The Chinoiserie Thematic Pattern Trend for A/W 21/22

Author:Yom 2020-07-21

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In 18th-century France, a style amazed the world with its gorgeous colors and complicated designs. That is Chinoiserie, expressing Europeans' imagination for the oriental culture. It is the Europeanized Chinese style, full of mystery, romance and adventure.


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Oriental colors appeal to the European royal court. With subtle details and intense colors in high purity and saturation, enamels combine the profound Chinese culture with a French flavor. Traditional Chinese paintings are collected by Europeans or imitated to be tapestry and wall paper. Patterns feature flowers, birds, fish and insects, plum blossoms, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, with plain or intense grounding to be a key part of home decoration.


Enamels fashion pattern


As the vintage trend regains popularity, Chinoiserie still brightens our eyes. Without complicated decorations, even simple ditsy can blend Chinese elements with French fashion.


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Blue and white porcelain was the most salable in Europe then, exporting the oriental culture. Munn employs elements and colors of traditional blue and white porcelain for simpler and more wearable patterns. Yuhan Wang uses all-over flowers, combing Chinese style and Rococo style.


Blue and White Porcelain


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