The Chinoiserie of Theme Design & Development for Womenswear

Author:Tom 2020-10-20



Young people's advocacy of Chinese traditional culture is the embodiment of cultural confidence and responsibility. In recent years, rising Chinese designers combine western fashion education with oriental culture to express themselves. The integration of oriental and western aesthetics will open a new chapter of future trends.




Trend Signal


1. The lens of photographer Zeng Wu always conveys the surreal Chinese power. 2. Chinese artist Jiang Zhi's photographic work, Fade, records homely scenes in the 1980s China. It reflects the thinking of "Nothing new or old, nothing comes or goes" in Chinese classical philosophy. 3. Zhang Jiacheng, a post-1990s emerging photographer, is redefining Chinese fashion photography to capture the oriental texture through modern lenses.



New Asian youngsters are guided by new values that emphasize both social responsibility and individualism. They are confident in their own culture. They love work and life, live in the moment and have fun in time. The niche interpersonal culture has a deep influence on them, especially games and animation.




This theme is based on the retro style, integrating the aesthetic characteristics of the East and the West, to create a new girlish style with interior elements. Complicated embellishment details increase the delicacy, and the mixture of the oriental and the west, modern and vintage, is quite attractive to younger consumers.




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