The Chinese Traditional Festivals Pattern Trend for Womenswear

Author:Tom 2020-07-28

pattern trend

Traditional Chinese festivals display the profound Chinese culture and folklore. People will dress up on the day to celebrate the festival. On the day, colors are dynamic and gorgeous.


pattern trend

Round floral pattern is layered and rich in forms. Peach-shaped lotus pattern, leave-shaped floral pattern and round floral pattern are three major forms. Besides, there are diamond patterns, tortoiseshell pattern and so on.


Round Floral Pattern

The curly tendril pattern is a traditional Chinese pattern, and contains mainly the honeysuckle, lotus, orchid and peony. They are arranged in "S" line to form a bilateral continuity pattern.


Curly Tendril Pattern

Cloud pattern is auspicious in traditional Chinese culture and often appears in literature.


Rainbow Auspicious Cloud

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