The Chinese fashion is also very popular in foreign countries

Author:Tom 2021-08-02

With the continuous development of fashion, all kinds of clothing styles have been learned several times. At this time, retro-style clothing will appear. Everyone is often choosing retro-style clothing. Fashion designers also have a variety of different styles to choose from, for example, British style retro clothing, or lady-style retro clothing and so on.


The Chinese fashioin style is beautiful. It is so popular in foreign countries. It is very handsome to wear casually. The retro clothing of the national fashion style will be more unique. It can not only show the strong aura of my big country, but also The temperament of the clothing is more connotative, and it looks very connotative when worn on the body.


The national trend is too popular, foreign models like to wear it, and they have a distinctive personality. Therefore, the national trend is becoming more and more popular, with elements of national style, and it is also very popular in foreign countries. Many models are on the show. , The styles worn on the body are all of the national trend. The charm of China can be seen to the naked eye.


Chinese fashion style


From the style


Black cheongsam style


When choosing national-style clothing, there are two ways for you to find a style that suits you, such as looking at the style and knowing it is a Chinese-style clothing at a glance, or looking at the pattern, you can see that it is a Chinese-style clothing The shadows are good choices, and if you choose from the style, the most common one is the cheongsam.


Cheongsam is also very popular in foreign countries. It will give everyone a deeper impression than Hanfu. Moreover, the design of cheongsam is bold and sexy, and it is full of feminine temperament, so it is more popular. Some simple styles are also very comfortable to wear on the body. 


Like a black cheongsam, it not only has a good slimming effect, but also makes one's own aura look more mature and elegant. The dark floral pattern is more embellished with a woman's retro charm, which is very charming.


Short cheongsam


If you want to wear a cheongsam in your daily life, you must design the cheongsam to be relatively simple and neat, so that it is easy to move. For example, choosing a short cheongsam is a good option when the summer is hot. The short design is smart and light.


And there are some girls that are very convenient when they act, and the short cheongsam is very suitable for matching modern elements. Some cool contrast patterns or more conspicuous bright color patterns are printed on the cheongsam, which are very fashionable. suitable.


Short cheongsam


Long cheongsam


Long cheongsam is more convenient when it is outside, and it is often designed with a split, so that when you act, your legs will be exposed and more charming.


When the split design is relatively high, the overall aura will become extraordinarily domineering and mature, and it will be very juicy and eye-catching when walking. At this time, if you add fishnet socks or stockings, the charm will be greatly increased.


Long cheongsam


From the pattern


Red antique pattern


The patterns that can represent the Chinese style are also very rich. You can find a variety of different designs, and the visual tension that can be presented is also very obvious.


For example, deep red can well show the charm of the country style, and can highlight the classic Chinese aesthetics. Especially after using dark blue with dark red patterns, it looks more advanced and refined, and it looks mature and expensive.




Positive red satin pattern


If you want to show the beauty of the national style, there is a simple way to choose a positive red background color, with silk and satin, you can show the ancient emperor's clothing texture.


Wearing it on the body, it is like returning to the court. It is noble, gorgeous and graceful. It is very textured. If it is matched with a more modern style, it will not look too strange, on the contrary, it will be more novel and everyday.


blue dress


Blue and white porcelain


In addition to the red pattern, the blue and white porcelain color system can represent the Chinese temperament, especially after choosing the ink and wash style or the retro style. The blue and white porcelain factory on the skirt is even more obvious.


If you choose a silk and satin skirt, it will make the woman itself look like blue and white porcelain, both noble and elegant.


Blue and white porcelain


Retro portrait


In addition to choosing some more conceptual patterns, you can directly choose retro characters, such as clothing styles that can directly reflect the retro atmosphere of women. After the retro patterns are printed on the clothes, the clothes look more atmospheric. , Has a more overall effect, so that you can put on other clothes casually, and the fashion sense is very strong.


And if you choose the way of stacking, it can also make the clothing full of modern beauty, more visual tension, and perfect combination of retro and modern elements.


Retro portrait


Round printing


Everyone often sees this kind of circular print on grandparents, and there are actually some text on it, although such a unique design is very simple.


However, the retro style presented does not lose other exaggerated patterns at all. Even if it is printed on the simplest energy and blood, it can also show a full of ancient charm. It is very fashionable and unique, and it is full of national and dynasty hair. Even young people. Can also be worn.


That's it for the recommendation of the national tide style. The national tide style is a conceptually new style. The aura that can be presented is both retro charm and very fashionable and cool, transforming the atmospheric Chinese style. It became a very fashionable and unique national trend, and later it was very popular both in foreign countries and in China.


round printing pattern


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