The Cherry Tomato Color Trend for Womenswear

Author:Spring 2023-03-30

Womenswear color


As seen in the latest collections from popular leisure brands such as SUNNEI and Marni, the orange-red color range continues to be a key focus, following on from the Spring/Summer 2023 season. Cherry Tomato is also set to be the most forward-thinking trend color for Spring/Summer 2024. This color is rich and passionate, with a strong impact, but still maintains a comfortable visual experience. This color is perfectly suited for casualwear, and through the use of fabric patterns, color matching, and craft techniques, it becomes even more unique and charming.


Key Color -- Cherry Tomato


The key items featuring Cherry Tomato in the new season are T-shirts and skirts. This color has high saturation and brightness, visually stimulating passion, and is extremely suitable for S/S items. Light and soft colors and basics are commonly used as main matching colors, with heavier colors incorporated in small areas. Youthful patterns and crafts are key references, such as geometric letter and topstitches.


Runway Looks


Pattern designs for this color tend to focus on playful and youthful elements, such as hand-drawn letters, stripes, and childlike illustrations. Fabric techniques incorporate delicate details such as beaded embroidery, decorative stitching, and dynamic screen printing, in combination with a strong casual vibe, expanding the practical dimension and aesthetic appeal of the items in this color palette.

Pattern & Fabric Craft


The color palette features a contrast between the pastel Lime Cream and the passionate Cherry Tomato, showcasing the surge and vitality of the spring/summer. The Powder Puff serves as a harmonizing color to dilute the visual intensity of the color scheme, enhancing practicality. The Black Beauty accents the color palette to add stability to the silhouette.

Colorway Inspiration


The Clothing Collocation I uses Cherry Red, Lime Cream, and Powder Puff in approximately equal proportions for tops and skirts, contrasting and harmonizing with each other. Black Beauty and Willow Yellow are used in small areas to embellish shoes, bags, and accessories, enriching the color dimension and stabilizing the visual focus with appropriate eye-catching elements.

Clothing Collocation


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