The Catwalks Analysis of Womenswear of MM6 Maison Margiela × The North Face

Author:Alice 2020-02-25

Maison Margiela × The North Face

In A/W 2020 collection of MM6 Maison Margiela, MM6 takes the so-called Paris-style clothing items inspired by New York and launched in London as the main line, hopes to convey the circulation of fashion elements without excessive retro. The signature 3D cutting and avant-garde design sense of MM6 are combined with the Expedition System of The North Face. Expedition System originated in 1990 aims at detachable and multi-layered functional clothing designed for outdoor activities in extreme weather. It is perfectly in line with the design language of MM6. And based on that, various classic styles of The North Face take on different vitality.

MM6 Maison Margiela × The North Face
Key Color -- Exuberance

Exuberance is a rich and beautiful orange tone, conveying a natural and pleasing feel. Exuberance set, color-blocked outerwear or trousers can display the eye-catching and harmonious charm of exuberance.

Key Color -- Exuberance
Key Item -- Puffa Jackets

This season co-branded puffa jackets all adopt classic half splicing, apply exquisite cutting to create the arc hemline, and adopt the functional zipper to make the style versatile. There is one kind of puffa jackets which can be worn as jackets or vests.

Puffa Jackets
Key Silhouette -- O-line

The brand's concept of "round wire" is integrated into the silhouette design. Fine cutting technique is used to create the inclusive O-line. The overcoat, suit or sweatshirt all reveal a sculptural feel.

O-line fashion style
Key Fabric -- Fleece

Fleece is still popular in London fashion show. This time fleece runs through the collaboration collection. It is spliced or decorated on the collar, warm visually.

Fleece fashion style