The Catwalk Analysis of Valentino Womenswear

Author:Alice 2020-03-10

catwalk analysis


In this series, male and female models are in black, grey, classic Valentino red, low-key indigo and emerald. The clothing starts from basic silhouette to highlight the power of accurate cutting. Valentino, which still shows haute couture technique in the ready-to-wear series, is undoubtedly more low-key than previous seasons, but it is still meticulous about details. The series uses embroidery and print to sketch the realistic florals, adding a lively feel to the calm overcoat and the sleeveless dress.


Rose in The Dark Night


In A/W 2020, womenswear uses the rose pattern which is the same as menswear for the first time. Colorful or black and white roses appear on clothing in the form of 3D embroidery, print and applique.


Rose Theme Pattern


Leather and self-material are made into string and then get tied on the waist to better modify the waistline. This design is practical and decorative, enriching the wearing experience.

The Waisted Knot