The brand K-BOXING is the first Chinese menswear brand to run on the Great Wall

Author:Tom 2021-09-14



Have you ever thought that the Great Wall can also become a runway in a fashion show?


On September 12, the K-BOXING men's jacket category special show was grandly opened at the Great Wall, becoming the first Chinese menswear brand to show at the Great Wall. From the cloud show to the center of the earth, from the city to the mountains and seas, every show of Jinba Menswear always brings us surprises. The location of the Great Wall, known as the Eight Wonders of the World, is based on national culture. Dian, officially launched a strategic declaration of high-end new domestic products, to show the world the strength of the jacket made by China's jacket K-BOXING.


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As an iconic brand of business casual menswear in China, K-BOXING Menswear has opened a special jacket show with the theme of jacket mountains and seas this time, continuing to deepen the field of jackets and bringing brand-new jacket items to Chinese men.


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Jacket is the starting point of K-BOXING men's clothing, and it is also the category that K-BOXING men's clothing has been focusing on for 41 years.


To hold a category special show is more challenging than ordinary seasonal new product launch shows. The challenge is not only to fully grasp the category’s skills and design innovation, but also to have sufficient confidence in the brand-not only in This fashion category has the right to speak and is also in an absolute leading position.


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This is the role played by K-BOXING Menswear in the field of jackets, and it is also the reason why it has the confidence to hold a special show for the jacket category.


Between the majestic mountains and rivers, the Great Wall show stretches endlessly, and the models travel through them in show styles. The catwalks are based on the chapters of the four parts of starting, inheriting, transferring and integrating. While adhering to the brand gene, the show models endow innovation and ingenuity in many aspects such as fabrics, design, and craftsmanship.


Let’s take a look at the Chinese jacket that has been leading the Chinese male era for 41 years.


The opening of the big show was refreshing. The classic lapel jacket added contrasting lines and deconstructive symmetrical pockets, and used high-end yarn-dyed wool and denim-like new fabrics to reflect the temperament.

In this part, we also saw a fashionable way of matching jackets. Lapel jackets and suits are stacked on top of each other to enrich the layering of wearing. You can immediately gain fashion recognition and stand out from the crowd of jacket lovers.


men's jacketmen's jacketmen's jacketmen's jacketmen's jacket


The classic hooded jackets and baseball collar jackets are also given more fashionable designs, and the waves pattern elements are incorporated into the freehand expression of landscape painting to echo the theme of the big show.


K-BOXING men's wear broadens the scene for us to wear jackets-suitable for both business and leisure. The jackets shown in the second part are elegant and soft. The show is inspired by Great Wall elements and K-BOXING geometric KB graphics, interpreting the homeland feelings of men.


In the fabric, the addition of segment dyed yarn and organza presents different aspects of men, while the suede outlines the high-quality craftsmanship of K-BOXING. In addition, this time K-BOXING men's wear also uses environmentally friendly functional materials to contribute to the concept of sustainability.


men's jacketmen's jacketmen's jacketmen's jacketmen's jacket


In the third part, K-BOXING brought a series of refreshing jacket designs, such as a limited edition in collaboration with Chinese contemporary artist Chen Hongzhi, using clothing as drawing paper, swaying his thinking about life on it; or, using publicity. Bold fluorescent yellow and green are used to render the unique color spinning and environmentally friendly denim denim fabrics and environmentally friendly materials; organza jacquard is also used to make jackets this time. The lightweight texture creates a gentle and elegant gentleman temperament.


In addition, K-BOXING continued to emphasize the importance of sustainable development in this part. The two-color yarn-dyed environmentally friendly fabrics can reduce the harm of dyes to the human body while maintaining high saturation tones. The mélange environmentally-friendly denim denim fabrics give denim a high-level texture while also reducing the environmental pollution caused by traditional denim fabrics.


men's jacketmen's jacketmen's jacketmen's jacket


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