The Boudoir Embroidery Craft Trend for Women's Underwear

Author:Alice 2019-12-06

Embroidery Craft Trend


Embroidery, as a common decoration, has high aesthetic value and ornamental value. The concave and convex feeling of embroidery brings a special texture effect, making the clothing more 3D. In addition to bringing a more intuitive touch to the fabric like the embossment, it can also enhance the added value of clothing. In A/W 20/21, embroidery returns back to underwear with colors which make a strong visual impact. Many brands adopt embroidery to display the more exquisite crafts and reflect the influence of the classic female image. The classic floral embroidery returns. Light, thin and comfortable silhouette renews the look and adds a lightweight sense to floral embroidery. Bright colors are applied to create youthful and energetic looks.




Cutout embroidery is a little difficult but very unique. The feature is first cutting holes according to the pattern, and then embroidering various patterns in the holes in different ways, so that there are not only free and elegant real embroidered florals, but also dainty and beautiful cutout florals. And the look will be both real and virtual, elegant and exquisite.


Cutout Embroidery


Padded embroidery is one of the traditional embroidery techniques in China. Thick threads or cotton are used as the ground to make the pattern bulge. Then plain embroidery is used to cover it to be more 3D and decorative. This kind of embroidery combines pattern with colors in the underwear, very decorative.

Padded Embroidery
The applique needs to be sewn in the center of the panel instead of in the surface when applied to underwear. Therefore, the edge is lively and irregular. This kind of embroidery is more 3D, and more romantic.
Applique Embroidery
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