The Bombay Brown Color Trend for Women's Knitwear

Author:Alice 2020-06-09

Women's Knitwear

Due to the impact of ecological damage and global climate change, simplicity becomes the key. Pure and natural simple fashion is advocated. Bombay Brown, one key color mentioned in Protogenesis -- The color trend for the mature lady style knitwear, displays the original colors of nature. Mumbai is one of the tropical monsoon climate areas affected by the monsoon, where dry season and rainy season are distinct. Bombay brown is a natural of color from the bursting magma. Primitive wild beauty is casual and free, revealing an elegant feel. Fluctuating landscape inspires concave-convex stitches. Granular texture provides possibilities for yarns, and helps with color proportion of simple & sophisticated style.


Inspiration Board

Bombay Brown releases power on catwalks, and delivers a soothing and calm feel. Tonal match shows a simple and modern style. Voluminous silhouette and fluctuating stitch leave an enough cosy space for human body. Driven by minimalism, details on placements reinforce the natural tensile force of Bombay Brown.


Catwalks Forecast

Human beings are intrinsically connected with nature. It is increasingly important to conform to nature, respect nature and care for nature. Inspired by natural ecological colors, tonal range of earth tones creates layered depth, which is a key feature of Bombay Brown as a main color. Bombay Brown shows the elegant simple & sophisticated style and taps into the low-key temperament of autumn and winter.


A Main Color

Simplicity is emphasized by simple & sophisticated style. Earth tones, key hues, display female mature elegance. Bombay Brown dominates, with tone-on-tone colors for an elegant vision. Small-scale color-blocking is combined with stitch, which is a key factor for women's knitwear.


A Main Color

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