The Blooming Flowers Pattern Trend for Women's Swimwear

Author:Tom 2020-12-01

Blooming Flowers


Flowers play an indispensable role in patterns. Sophisticated flowers work well for sexy modern consumers, while childlike flowers are simplified to be more imaginative. Brights in high saturation are more eye-catching. Lively and lovely swimwear appeals to more youngsters.


Blooming Flowers


This kind of flower uses light and lively colors with high saturation. Different colors divide layers and bring lovely and childlike floral patterns. Independent flower is in big size, suitable for one-piece swimwear.


Independent Flowers


This kind of flower seems to draw the beautiful world in kids' eyes. Colors are fantastic, and composition of picture is innocent. Brushstrokes are imperfect but quite imaginative.


Stick Figure Flowers


Comic flowers are flat. It is easy to distinguish bright and dark layers, but edges are drawn by black lines to depict clearer patterns. This kind of pattern is nostalgic and retro.


Comic Flowers


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