The Animal Prints Pattern Trend for Menswear

Author:Alice 2020-05-29

Animal Prints


Animal prints play an important role in prints. On A/W 20/21 catwalks, animal prints remain favored by designers. Unlike the sexy feel previously, recent animal prints incline to a neutral and elevated appearance. In addition to realistic sexy leopard print, dotted simple leopard print is more practical. Hawksbill texture resembles leopard prints, so the natural gloss is a key way to distinguish them. Tiger print and snakeskin use unisex colors to tap into the market.


The Pattern Trend for Menswear


Latest leopard print appears in the form of dots. Dotted leopard print jacquard on mono-color knitwear delivers a simple low-key feel, ideal for daily clothing. Placement brights decorate shirts and create fashion items. Bright leopard print on outerwear shows a charming style. Dotted leopard print creates a faux fur effect.


Dotted Leopard Print


Simplified leopard print changes in the edge. Diagonal dotted leopard print is flowing and vibrant. Leopard prints in lines leave some blank to weaken the visual impact, ideal for low-key styles. Big mono-color leopard prints blur edges, simple but meticulous.


Dotted Leopard Print


Hawksbill is a kind of precious stone. Its texture looks like leopard print, while its gloss and color are unique. This season Hawksbill texture is mainly applied to outerwear. Its natural sheen well blends with functional trench coats, and Its hazy form is ideal for jackets.


Hawksbill Texture


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