The Analysis of the Florence Menswear Pitti Uomo Fair

Author:Spring 2024-02-23


From January 9th to 12th, the 105th Florence Pitti Uomo Men's Wear Exhibition will be held at the Florence Exhibition Center. The theme of this exhibition is "time", hoping to explore the significance of time for fashion and present a more international lineup. Giuliana Parabiago, marketing consultant at Pitti Immage, explains that fashion is sometimes a fast-paced capsule series and collaborations, while at other times it is iconic items that require time to polish and more timeless luxury classics. This exhibition will continue the previous five exhibition areas of Fantastic Classic, Futuro Maschile, Dynamic Attention, Superstyling, and I GO OUT, presenting contemporary menswear, classic style, mainstream collection, sports street, and outdoor brands respectively.


This exhibition invites Italian designer Luca Magliano as the guest designer for the 105th edition. Luca Magliano founded the eponymous brand Magliano in 2017 and won the Karl Lagerfeld Special Jury Prize at LVMH Prize in early 2023. The Magliano 24/25 autumn/winter collection was released at the Nelson Mandela Forum in Florence, with models descending from the top of the stairs, creating a surreal atmosphere with thick fog floating around. Magliano's new season examines classic men's clothing styles, reorganizing traditional elements to cater to a wider audience while adding a touch of femininity, and referencing the ideas of powerful women, including the late feminist gay poet Patrizia Cavalli and Italian actress Anna Magnani.

Guest Designer Luca Magliano
This exhibition invites British designer Steven Stokey Daley to serve as the second men's fashion guest designer for the 105th edition. Steven Stokey Daley founded the eponymous brand S.S. Daley in 2020. He specializes in transforming classic British clothing such as Irish sweaters and Prince of Wales plaid suits. His style is inspired by Liverpool's natural charm and his experience as a queer. Combining his love for literature and drama, he uses special fabrics to create poetic clothing. S. S. Daley 24/25 autumn/winter collection once again showcases the brand's unique style, integrating loose fit and various fabrics, launching floor to ceiling knitted sweaters, pink and white striped suits, salmon printed long shirts, fruit patterned slim fit vests, military green cotton down jackets, silk suit sets and other clothing.
Guest Designer Steven Stokey Daley
Contelli Group has partnered with Italian brand Vitelli to launch a special project called "The Road to Cashmere". Founded in Ningbo in 1999, Contelli is a leader in the textile industry, accounting for 20% of the world's pure cashmere yarn production. Vitelli is a local Italian brand founded by creative craftsman Mauro Siminato and knitting designer Giulia Bortoli, adopting zero waste production and adhering to environmental protection principles. "This collaboration is a commitment to sustainable development, promoting more responsible production by combining Italian innovation with Chinese technology," said Xue Jingli, CEO of Konseini Group. Vitelli founder Mauro Simionato, accompanied by German photographer Patrick Bienert, embarked on a journey of cashmere, exploring and narrating Konseini's cashmere production process and sustainable production system from his production plant in Ningbo to the grasslands of Inner Mongolia.
Road of Cashmere Sustainable design