The Analysis of Shenzhen CHIC for Natural Eco-Friendly Cotton and Linen Fabric

Author:Tom 2020-08-03

fabric trend


The 2020 Dawan International Fashion Fair just ended. It is the first time for CHIC to be held in the Pearl River delta. This time Shenzhen CHIC displays a fashion feast for the fashion-oriented cities. From Shanghai to Shenzhen, CHIC also presents more deeply its communication capability and industry level as the most large-scale and influential professional apparel exhibition in Asia, which makes on-site exhibitors experience the most representative business docking and quality service of 2020 CHIC. This exhibition calls for the joint development of the whole region, the whole brand, the whole industrial chain and the whole channel, and provides a high-level comprehensive industrial platform for all to promote industrial transformation, help with brand development, share cultural innovation and drive sustainable development.


fabric trend


Natural eco-friendly cotton and linen fabrics consist of natural fibers and adopt vegetable dyestuff, reducing pollution. The kind of fabric has soft, breathable and moisture-wicking advantages, brings us closer to nature and becomes a popular fabric, ideal for dresses, tops and bottoms.


Natural Eco-Friendly Cotton and Linen


Post-process creates crinkles, enriches the styles and endows the fabric with a strong design sense. The natural quality is combined with crinkled textures, giving a brand-new wearing experience and becoming a key fabric.


Plain Crinkled Fabrics


Muted bright colors keep prevailing in check cotton and linen fabrics, with rising eco-friendly yarns to display the new vitality and charm of classic checks. Seersucker-like checks and retracted check fabric create a warm and casual vibe, suited to shirts, dresses and skirts.


Soothing Yarn-Dyed Check Fabrics


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