The Analysis of Disaya The Thai Designer Brand

Author:Tom 2020-12-22

Thai Designer Brand


Combined with large-size ruffles, middle-size hollow lace crafts bring a perspective visual effect and highlight its romantic and light butterfly-like silhouette with interesting rural handcrafted texture. Girl style dresses and tops present an unique temperament of the field fairy which is flexible and romantic with a naught girlie feeling.


Hollow Lace dresses


3D lace spreads the silhouette through its flower-shape. Overlapped petals or combined flower shapes are delicately brought out in lace or light fabrics. Showing a more lovely general image by decorating hands, necklines, shoulders and hemlines. Fresh color tone can present a strong sense of romance.


3D Lace Decoration


Disaya uses 3D applique crafts to display an otherworldly scene of flowers and butterflies. Appliqued patterns with abundant childlike effect enrich the sense of texture and highlight the details. Pure white flower silhouettes reflect the romance of abstract art works. Whats more, present a sweet girlie feeling through using pink ice-cream tone.


3D Flower Applique


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