The Analysis of acmé de la vie The Menswear Designer Brand

Author:Tom 2021-11-08

Menswear Designer Brand


Founded in 2017, the Korean streetwear brand acmé de la vie(the peak of life) has swept the fashion world and attracted a group of celebrit-ies by its characteristic style and signature baby face prints.


The Menswear Designer Brand


The collaboration with Care bears prints signature bear characters on different parts of clothing to strengthen the childlike innocence.


acmé de la vie x Care bears


The collaboration between acmé de la vie and The Simpsons provided a collection of heroes, which brought us a unique visual experience.


acmé de la vie x The Simpsons


Except for its famous baby face prints, acmé de la vie also used lively animal prints this season to strengthen the visual impact.


Fun Print


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