The Allover Jacquard Pattern Trend for S/S 2024 Women's Knitwear

Author:Spring 2023-02-01

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Allover jacquard is one of the most important pattern crafts. In S/S 2024, the development of women’s knitwear is still sitting on the driver’s seat. 3D geometry, fruit & flower, abstract art, continuous pattern, colorful argyles and creative checkerboard are the six recommended directions.


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Allover jacquard on S/S 2024 knitwear pays more attention to liveliness and freshness. Color blocks and interlaced lines build an artistic 3D space. Besides, flowers and fruits express the vibe of summer. Colors in high brightness and saturation give lightness.


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Simple geometries are arranged with smart color matching to create three-dimensional, orderly and rhythmic patterns. Allover 3D geometry is a very classic design for knitwear. Different colors and shapes present different pattern styles.


3d Geometry fashion pattern


Bright fruits and flowers are suitable for Spring/Summer. The silhouettes and color blocks of fruits and vegetables bring lightness to summer. The hand-painted ditsy florals opt for saturated brights to express the liveliness of youth.

fruit and flower fashion pattern


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