The Accessory Trend for Women's Lace Loungewear

Author:Tom 2021-01-14

lace fabric


As one of the key fabrics in the industry, lace has represented delicate craft and romantic beauty since its existence. This report pays attention to the design and trend of lace accessories. Lace is always used on neckline, cuffs or hem by splicing to show extreme grace and romance.


Women's Loungewear


The combination of shapes and lines presents patterns with both variation and order, bringing a brand new visual experience. Geometric patterns have a better neat feeling and romantic texture of lace than flower patterns.


Geometric Elements


Transparent mesh jacquard lace can reveal the skin texture hidden under the clothes, creating a mysterious and sexy visual experience. Its lightweight fabric property is suitable for S/S styles, such as dresses and robe style outerwear.


Transparent Texture


Cotton hollow-out or crochet lace is always used on young lady style loungewear. Its gentle wavy edges, delicate patterns, hazy hollow-out and clean white color make the whole design quiet and graceful.


Cotton Hollow-Out


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