The Accessory Trend for Men's Leather and Fur Clothing

Author:Alice 2020-06-23

Men's Leather and Fur Clothing


With the development of society, consumers demand various clothes, and decorations on clothing become more diversified. Applique and badge are ideal for young consumers to extend individuality. Delicate single pattern, striking combined patterns, retro court style badge, expressive pop art illustration applique and childlike applique contribute to a flashy fashion.


Men's Leather and Fur Clothing


Consumers also demand for business leisure and individualized designs. A single exquisite pattern or logo decorates the chest of mono-color leather clothing, showing an elevated and refined feel.


A Single Applique


Combined applique presents a casual layout yet reflects designers' ingenuity. The layout of combined badges draws the visual focus and creates a unique visual impact. Or badges are stacked to extend individuality.

Combined Badges
Classical badges are exquisite and noble. Its application to items exudes a strong retro feeling, blending calmness with luxury.
Retro Badges