The Abstract Florals Pattern Trend for Womenswear

Author:Spring 2023-09-26

Abstract Florals


From representative brands such as Eudon Choi, Giorgio Armani, and Minjukim, it can be seen that the use of abstract floral patterns in dresses is particularly prominent, especially in the medium and large elegant style. In this report, based on the themes of positioning light and shadow, hazy ink, and abstract halo, we explore the creative application of large floral patterns in clothing design, making them more aesthetically pleasing and artistic in the development of skirts for the autumn/winter season of 24/25, while also bringing a more exquisite wearing experience.


Abstract Florals


In the 24/25 autumn/winter women's fashion pattern trends, the popularity of floral themes continues unabated. This article uses artistic techniques such as positioning light and shadow, hazy ink, and abstract halos to enhance the visual and artistic atmosphere of the patterns, catering to the higher creative demands of floral themes from multiple dimensions. 


Inspiration pattern trend


This design adopts a single-frame positioning technique, combined with light and shadow, moderate blurring and other filter treatments, to create a slight abstraction of the line sense of floral branches through hazy visuals. Such patterns can be applied to various dress styles in the form of large-scale positioning printing through digital printing technology.


Light & Shadow pattern trend


The expressive techniques of Chinese ink painting make conventional flower patterns more subtle and implicit. The varying intensity of ink traces and the damp and misty brushstrokes weaken the realistic sense and visual sharpness of large flowers, enhancing the overall tranquil and elegant charm of the composition with a more comfortable and refined image. The size of individual flowers can be appropriately increased, and applied in full-page format to various styles of dresses.

Ink Painting pattern trend


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